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National Medal of Honor Day

In Recognition of

Medal of Honor Recipient

PFC Willy Frederick James, Jr.

& Kansas City Area


15 MARCH – 15 APRIL 2024

Black Archives of Mid-America

Exhibits open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm


Event Schedule

Speakers, Presentations, Workshops & Entertainment


Full schedule to be announced

761st Tank Battalion - "Black Panthers"

Documentary Films

Display/Screening Schedule TBA

We are showing three short documentaries: 


Honor Deferred (2006)

Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, Honor Deferred chronicles the tales of seven soldiers who served their country valiantly only to be denied immediate recognition: though they fought in WWII, the men did not receive their much-deserved Medals of Honor until decades later. Featuring re-enactments of the soldiers' harrowing days on the battlefield, this History Channel documentary celebrates their courage and determination in the face of both enemy fire and institutional racism.

Medal of Honor Recipient Private First Class Willy Frederick James, Jr.


761st Tank Battalion:
The Original Black Panthers (2023)

This powerful documentary will tell the true story of the 761st Tank Battalion, the first Black tank unit to serve in combat during WWII. Under General George Patten's command, the 761st fought heroically throughout WWII and were the furthest east of all US troops in the European theater of war.


Journey to Tuskegee (2020)

National College Resources Foundation and Chauncey Spencer, son of Chauncey Spencer Sr., have launched an African Americans in Aviation Traveling Museum, sharing the history of flight, featuring black aviators and Tuskegee Airmen. Sharing history with young and old about the sacrifices made by black aviators like Chauncey Spencer Sr. and Dale White who were responsible for convincing Congress to include blacks in the pre-World War II Civilian Pilot Training Program to fight in the war and getting President Truman to integrate the US Air Force.



Congressional Medal of Honor Society

Medal of Honor Character Development Program

The Medal of Honor Character Development Program is a free resource which teaches courage, commitment, integrity, sacrifice, citizenship, and patriotism to students through educationally grounded lessons developed by teachers for teachers.


The National WWII Museum

The National WWII Museum is a dynamic educational resource, serving the needs of teachers and students from grade school through the post-graduate level. USA Today gave the Museum its top rank as one of the “Best Places to Learn U.S. Military History." Exhibitions and programs allow students from all backgrounds to explore the values and beliefs—the universal concepts—that Americans and their Allies embraced during World War II.


Located at

Black Archives of Mid-America


1722 East 17th Terrace

Kansas City, MO 64108

Located in the historic Parade Park Maintenance building in the 18th & Vine Historic District.


The Black Archives is a non-profit organization that serves the Kansas City community as an educational resource, as well as a repository of every facet in African American culture; music, art, theater, education, the military, medicine, sports, religion and community affairs.


The Black Archives was expressly created to collect and preserve the history of African Americans in the Midwest.


The Archives' also produces traveling exhibits, interpretive and educational programs that personify the roles of African Americans and their plight to dispel negative images.


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